Coach Muñante 'Profe'

Nicknamed The Jet in Peru and The Cobra in Mexico. He was famous for having great speed (he could run 100 metres in 10.7 seconds flat and was almost as quick with a ball at his feet), and also for his skills with the ball and his relatively high assist for teammate for passing the ball to the scorer, given his position of right winger.

He debuted in the Primera División with Sport Boys in the 1966 season. In 1969, he joined Universitario de Deportes where he was part of the team that won 2 Peruvian league championships and he helped reach second place at the Copa Libertadores 1972.

Muñante also played successfully in the Mexican League for many years, mainly in Pumas de la UNAM and Atlético Español

Muñante played 48 times for the Peruvian national football team between 1967 and 1978,including participation in the 1978 FIFA World Cup

Munante has been with Miami Lakes United Soccer for over 10 years giving first hand experience insight on what it takes to become a pro, being disciplined, being loyal, fitness and conditioning and technical skill.

We are Grateful and Privledged to have Coach Munante in our Club